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Conversational learning experiences that bring people together

Create a transformational group learning experience that brings people together and generates presence and meaningful connection. This 7 week program will guide you through every aspect of working with groups online from content creation to holding space and launching your own offering.
Look through the eyes of the world’s greatest painters to expand your vision, liberate your mind, and enter as a co-creator into the synergistic space of Art. This course invites you to expand your vision, deepen your connection to Art, and transform your life through simple and joyful seeing practices.
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Join Hari for a unique deep dive into the Kundalini teachings of the Moon Centers. You will unlock your innate capacity for healing and intuitive feminine wisdom. Learn powerful meditations, daily self-care practices, and new habits while exploring the personal significance of each moon center through deep dialogue in an intimate wisdom circle setting.
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You have a story to tell and right now, someone needs to hear it. We all have stories inside us waiting to be shared, but accessing them is not always easy. By creatively exploring the spaces you inhabit in mind, body and spirit, you open yourself to fresh ideas that enable you to move your writing forward.
A free monthly gathering for women, on a 1-hour private zoom call. Come with the questions you've always wanted to ask, and leave with greater awareness of your sacred sexuality. Dr. Karen's Sex Talks is a community of women gathering monthly to stir the energies that have been hidden behind closed doors, behind closed minds, and behind closed bodies. Together, we'll explore all aspects of sexuality, our life force energy, and how we have used it or been used by others. Through our casual, private conversations, we'll reframe the narrative around sex, relationships, and intimacy.
Welcome to True Health! In this four week journey facilitated by Dr. Japa we'll uncover the depth of our own health and healing and tap into our deep inner reserves. Together we will unpack our core beliefs that lead to suffering and turn them around to discover our 30 year dream and envision a brighter, healthier future together.
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Welcome to all Sacred Geometry enthusiasts! We will study the psychological characteristics of people based on their (or your) birthdate. Starting with understanding our own numbers, we will then branch out to study other people AND new info about how to read couple dynamics!
This program is a powerful container to help you create a life where you feel alive and excited to be in your body and on this earth - NOW. Together we will build the sacred space to hold the transformative processes that empower you, changing your every relationship - beginning with the most intimate one: you with you.
Lifetime access to 40 days of Kundalini Yoga that will help you tune into the energy of each of the days of the week, develop and deepen your subtle awareness, and awaken your own deep wisdom.